How I Combat Minor Sickness

Since i’ve started making a conscious  effort to treat my body well, there is nothing I  value more than how healthy I feel on a daily basis. Long gone are my days of chronic  headaches and insomnia. Now, whenever I feel a little bit off I immediately try and figure out what’s causing it. If it turns out to be a little cold or allergies, which often happen after a vacation or a busy weekend, I have few tricks to make myself feel better and get on the road to recovery.

  1. Tea- Nothing heals a sore throat like green tea. My favorite tea is Yogi’s Blueberry Slim Life Green Tea.

  2. Water- Headaches are often the result of dehydration. Drinking more water will make you feel refreshed and increase your energy levels.

  3. Sleep- This has always been the hardest for me. Growing up and as a teenager I suffered (and still do, but it used to be much worse) from insomnia and night terrors. I was so used to only getting around 3 hours of sleep per night that I thought it was fine/normal. Little did I know, once I started taking extra steps to relax myself at night, and than get a reasonable amount of sleep, my happiness and productivity levels would increase significantly. (Post with advice for people with sleeping problems coming soon!)

  4. Light exercise- When you are feeling ill, you probably aren’t going to be up for a hard workout. Just getting outside and taking a walk in the fresh air will do wonders. Getting your body moving, even just the littlest amount, will release endorphins and help get you out of a sick rut.

  5. Showering- The steam from a hot shower instantly helps unclog sinuses and feels refreshing after being sick in bed.

xx, Lita

Links I Love- May 2016

One of my favorite bloggers, Cupcakes and Cashmere, does a series on her blog where she includes links to articles or internet tools she’s loved from that month.

I’m such an article junkie and am constantly reading/watching things that I think everyone should see. I figured that a monthly round up would be the perfect way to showcase them.

  1. “Runway Injustice: How the modeling industry exploits young and vulnerable workers.”- CNN Money

  2. Taylor Giavasis’ Instagram account: @thenakeddiaries

  3. Made in America YouTube video series presented by USA Gymnastics chronicling the incredible rise of the U.S. women’s gymnastics program since 2001.

  4. “Barred From God: Legal but Immoral”- Dustin Lance Black

  5. “Harry Styles: A Model of Modern Day Fashion Advertising”- The Fashion Law

  6. “Humans of New York” photos series showcasing stories from the Pediatrics Department of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

xx, Lita

New Obsession: Podcasts

Before last month I had never in my life listened to a podcast. Now, i’m addicted. If you have a long commute to school or work they are the perfect way to feel productive and keep your drives/rides interesting. It’s like morning talk radio, except instead of listening to a creepy 50 year old talk show host talk about a 19 year old pop star’s “recent weight gain,” you can listen to cool people talk about interesting topics.

Lady Lovin’ -Lo Bosworth, Jilly Hendrix and Greta Titelman. (iTunes): This is by far my favorite podcast. I feel like i’m listening to the girls from Sex and the City. They feature inspiring entrepreneurs (founders of BirchBox, Mogul, ModelFit) to give business advice, nutritionists and fitness instructors for health advice, comedians, tattoo artists, etc. I always feels inspired and motivated after listening.

Souls At Sundown- Lindsey and Meghan Hughes (SoundCloud): This podcast features a unique mix of music and talking. Lindsey and Meghan have incredible music taste and their selections are always 10/10. The podcast has good vibes and I love hearing their advice on positivity and confidence.

Shane and Friends- Shane Dawson and Jessie Buttafuoco (iTunes): Shane Dawson has been one of my favorite YouTuber’s forever. His sarcastic, raw humor always makes me crack tf up. Naturally, I find his podcast just as hilarious as his videos. He’s able to be even more real (if that’s possible) on his podcast and I live for it.

Stella Rae- Stella Rae (SoundCloud): My best friend, Taylor, introduced be to Stella’s YouTube a little while ago. I was initially mainly into her vegan videos for advice on eating  plant based but i’ve gradually started watching more and more of her videos. We’re actually the same age and going through a lot of the same experiences so it’s great to hear her perspective on things I am also dealing with. If you’re high school or college aged I think you’d relate as well.

xx, Lita


Building My Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is essentially a small collection of  simple clothes that never go out of style. It’s typically around 37 pieces, including shoes and purses. It doesn’t include lounge or work out clothes. The items should fit perfectly, be comfortable, and be long-lasting quality. The purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to make getting dressed simple and eliminate anxiety about what to wear.

After reading a post about capsule wardrobes on Elle Fowler’s blog, “Dreaming in Blush,” it got me thinking about my wardrobe. I realized that I have very few pieces in my closet that I actually love. I just tend to “make them work.” For example, the boyfriend jeans that I own are around 4 sizes to large, yet I still try and belt them to “make them work,” rather than investing in a new pair.

Capsule wardrobes are usually done seasonally. You select 37 items for that season and hide the rest of your clothes away. I decided to to make a more general wardrobe because my style doesn’t change significantly by season. Im pretty much a jeans and t-shirt girl year round.

I’m currently in the initial stages of planning by capsule wardrobe. I live a very causal lifestyle and my wardrobe choices reflect that. I plan to slowly get rid of the clothes I don’t love and gradually purchase staple pieces that fit my capsule wardrobe. I’ll keep you updated as the process moves along.

This is the list of items in my dream capsule wardrobe:


Black low waist jeans

Back high waist jeans

Boyfriend jeans

Non-Workout black leggings


Black low waist jean shorts

Black high waist jean shorts

Black dressy shorts


2 tshirts- black, white/cream

Tighter fitting shirt or jumpsuit

Graphic t shirt

3 tanks- black, white/cream, and grey

2 “dressy” sweatshirt

Black dress


2 sweaters

Black cardigan

Beige cardigan

Button up


Long coat

Black leather jacket

Black denim jacket with cute patches (lol)

Black blazer


Small black purse

2 everyday rings

Everyday watch

Black belt

Silk scarf

Lacy black bralette


Black pumps

Black booties- flat

Black booties- mid heal

High top sneakers

Low top sneakers

Summer sandal

xx, Lita

30 Day Minimalism Challenge

I’m not sure if I can call myself a full on “minimalist,” but I definitely have minimalistic tendencies. For whatever reason, having extra things that I don’t need has always stressed me out. I find myself getting rid of multiple garbage bags of items every season. There is genuinely no better feeling than knowing you could pack up your entire life in a few suitcases.

I now want to challenge myself to become a more all around minimalistic person. I tend to get a really cluttered mind throughout the week and it prevents me from being at my peak productivity level. I think that the more simple my life becomes, the more i’ll be able to focus my energy on what makes me happy and content.

I wrote out a thirty day challenge for myself with something to focus on each day. I thought it could be useful for others as well. You don’t have to wait until the beginning of a month, week, or day to start. The faster you make a change, the faster you see positive results.

Day 1: Spend a day cleaning out material items. Get rid of anything you wouldn’t take with if you moved.

Day 2: 10 Minute Meditation. Guided or in silence, whichever feels appropriate.

Day 3: Delete all social media apps for the day.

Day 4: Evaluate your commitments. Identify which are worth your time, and which you should take steps to let go of.

Day 5: Unfollow people you don’t want to see on social media.

Day 6: Create a relaxing nighttime routine/ritual that you can sustain. It’s proven to help troubled sleepers and insomniacs.

Day 7: Clean out your backpack, gym bag, purse, etc.

Day 8: Identify your top five priorities, in order.

Day 9: Take a meditative walk. Listen to soft, instrumental music and focus on each step and breath. Be mindful.

Day 10: Don’t buy anything today.

Day 11: Unsubscribe from email marketing.

Day 12: Make a note on your phone with 10 things you’re grateful for.

Day 13: Focus on gratitude, even in unfortunate situations. Refer to your note when you’re struggling.

Day 14: Go through items you’ve kept for nostalgic reasons. Consolidate them into one book. Get rid of everything else, you have the memories in your mind.

Day 15: Write out your goals. They can be for the next semester, 6 months, year, etc. Choose whichever feels logical for you’re life.

Day 16: Perform a yoga flow. You can take a class, follow your own flow, or find one on YouTube.

Day 17: Clean out your computer. Organize essentials into a few folders.

Day 18: Focus on each thing you find yourself doing today. Identify what is taking up your time.

Day 19: Create a simple and sustainable morning routine/ritual.

Day 20: Declutter your apps. Which do you actually use and need?

Day 21: Identify your stresses. Come up with a plan to avoid those things, or at least lessen the stress the give you.

Day 22: Evaluate your recent purchases.

Day 23: Perform a guided, self-empowering meditation. This is my favorite: “10 Minute Guided Meditation For Positive Energy”.

Day 24: Go through photos on your phone. Delete / move some to your computer.

Day 25: Take a step towards learning something you’ve always wanted to learn. This could be as simple as researching a topic of interest, or as complex as learning to swim.

Day 26: Don’t complain today.

Day 27: Reflect on whether there are people bringing predominantly negative energy into your life. Try to minimize their role in your life or even cut them out completely.

Day 28: Permanently turn off social media notifications.

Day 29: Re-clean out your material items. Continue to do this every few months.

Day 30: Reflect on your progress and make a commitment to sustaining a more minimal, happy life. 

xx, Lita




My Favorite NYFW AW16 Shows

While AW16 may not have been the greatest fashion week in New York’s history, it did have its highlights. I, along with many others, have definitely grown frustrated over the  lack of creativity and risk taking in recent NYFWs. However, there are always a few refreshing shows that remind me why I believe in fashion and its future.

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Reem Acra: Reem Acra AW16 was made up of insanely intricate barely there lingerie inspired dresses. Acra, herself, described it as “a very sexy collection.” The gowns were done artfully through tasteful embellishing and beautiful draping. Lace was paired with various fabrics- primarily silk and tulle, and with stunning tassel like fringe and rhinestone embellishments. In addition to the barely there looks, there were scattered touches of high necklines and opaque fabric to keep the mystique. Although this show was early on in the week, the moment I saw a photo of Leomie Anderson’s second look (silver dress) I new it was going to be a favorite of mine. I was refreshed by how refined and put together each and every look was.

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Public School NYC: Public School has been my one of favorite New York designers for a little while now and its almost a given that I am going to like what Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne put out every season. Everyone knows they are the kings of outerwear and this show was no different. The show transitioned sequentially from hot pink, to black/silver, to denim, and ended with a grouping of olive toned looks. The stand out look in my eyes was look 27- the full length black fur coat. The setting of the show was also mad cool in a now gallery that was once the legendary “Roxy” nightclub in pre-gentrification NYC. I was relieved to see that they stuck with their classic, cool downtown vibe rather than the gothic look some of the other street style designers went for this season.

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Michael Kors: Although a lot of high fashion fans like to hate on Michael Kors, if you look past the watches and bags the clothes are usually very good. This collection had an effortless feeling but still remained polished and chic. The mixing of texture played a massive roll in the collection- feathers, fur, sequins, etc. It was also full of short skirts, cropped pants, and overcoats. As for colors, Kors mixed metallics with bright colors . I personally loved the idea of adding spring lengths and colors for winter. It was also Kors’ first “buy now, wear now” collection. It’s interesting to see a veteran designer embrace the industry changes while most others criticize it. Kors described the move as an “experiment.”

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Rodarte: Rodarte has slowly become one of my favorite shows in New York. Creative directors/founders Kate and Laura Mulleavy consistently release collections that are very unique and different from each other. This can cause the collections to be hit and miss. However, they tend to be hits. This seasons’ collection was inspired by The Godfather. There were themes of life, death, and love that were represented by white, black, and red sections. The collection featured standout sheer paneling, large fur jackets, tulle, leather, and lace. All in all, the show felt very romantic.

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Marc Jacobs: What a great way to end NYFW. This show took us on a journey through time. The show began with nineties elements- sweatshirts, platforms, and ended with victorian elements- ruffled collars, bussells. Overall, the collection was very gothic. There were admitted influences of dark characters like Livia from beetle juice. The clothes generally had spring cuts and fall colors. Jacobs described it as “xeroxing spring to make it grey and black.”  It was so intricate and masterful, exactly what we have come to expect from Marc Jacobs.

 xx, Lita

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Runway Inspired Spring/Summer 2016 Nails ft Deco.Miami

      Judging from the nails on September’s SS16 runways, the transition from winter nails to spring nails will be a subtle one. Many of the shows featured metallic neutrals or barely there nudes. However, there were a few shows, including Dior and Sibling, who went for traditional spring/summer pastels.

      Keep reading to find out how to recreate five runway looks using Deco Miami’s cruelty free nail polishes.

Dior: Nails were painted in four different pastel shades- yellow, blue, purple, and coral.


Get the look with Male Tears, Rose´ all day, Tequila Sunrise, and #Slay from Deco Miami.

Carolina Herrera: Nails were painted in a dusty pink.


Get the look with Nip Slip from Deco Miami.


Reem Acra: Nails were painted in rose gold.


Get the look with Champagne Mami from Deco Miami.


Sibling: Nails were painted in lavender, baby pink, and black.


Get the look with Don’t Call Me Baby Girl, Black Like My Soul, and #Slay from Deco Miami.

Philip Lim: Nails were painted in a coffee brown.


Get the look with Cafe Con Leche from Deco Miami.


In all honesty, these are the most opaque and long lasting nail polishes i’ve ever used. Especially when it comes to pastels, I have always struggled with the sheerness of the polishes. I was absolutely amazed to see that these only took one coat for full color payoff. With hilarious color names, great formula, and no cruelty, these polishes are a must have.

Where to Buy: Deco.Miami

Where to Follow:


Facebook: Deco Miami

xx, Lita

P.S. NYFW review is coming very soon, and i’ll continue to cover fashion month as per usual.

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